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Synchronized Solutions is obsessed with providing the highest touch, highest quality, most comprehensively streamlined staffing management solution in healthcare.

Our unique solution will help you optimize your locum tenens usage while reducing your locums spend, streamline the utilization of your internal personnel, and manage every aspect of your staffing program using our state-of-the-art technology.

The Challenge…

The competition for securing physicians is only getting worse. As the shortages increase, Healthcare facilities are going to have to be more focused and resourceful than ever to effective land quality candidates from this shrinking pool of physicians.

Your organizations ability to effectively compete in this market and source, secure and retain providers will be a key determinant in your ability to compete favorably in the future.

The Problem

Your In-house recruiters need to be more focused and effective than ever but are increasingly pulled away and distracted from their main goal of hiring permanent providers by increasing demands of managing staffing vendor partners.

Where Does a Recruiter's Time Go?

Recruiter's Time Before
Recruiter's Time Before

What are Your Options?

Typical VMS

Technology has its place in streamlining and simplifying the locum tenens process, but it only solves one piece of the puzzle.

Your team still has to manage the workflows, screen candidates and many other functions that still eat up a ton of their time they could be spending recruiting permanent candidates.

Typical MSP

A typical MSP compliments the VMS technology with a team that can manage most of the process for you, thus freeing up your recruiters to focus where they are more effective.

The issue with this route is when a ton of staffing firms are signed up to fill needs, they have no stake in the game and typically view these are tier 2 orders, affecting your fill rates. With such a focus on neutrality and competition you typically see rates driven up and engagement driven down.

Staffing Led MSP

A staffing led MSP strives to fill your orders solely within their firm, but this leads to a lack of competition and resources dedicated to fill your organization’s open locum tenens orders.

With no competition, we typically see the sense of urgency needed in locum tenens staffing to be non-existent.

Technology is your competitive edge

Streamlined to Succeed

Reduce your locums by 30%

Finally a Solution

Synchronized Solutions has combined cutting edge technology with a powerful recruiting alliance of top tier staffing firms and delivers it with the highest service available in the staffing world today.

We are dedicated to taking the stress, time and out of control costs of managing your staffing vendors off your plate and replacing that with a simple, streamlined, cost effective high touch service solution.

You will  Save time, money and free your recruiting team up to focus on filling your organization’s permanent  staffing needs.

We know that every client experiences different needs and those needs can change so we’ve designed our service to be a flexible array of tools and options designed to deliver exactly what our clients want.

Save Money

  • All Admin and junk fees are eliminated
  • Competitive bidding keeps rates in line with the market
  • Travel and Housing expenses are not marked up from actual costs
  • Reporting and analytics to ensure efficient locums deployment and spend
  • Recruiters have more time to recruit reducing the need to pay 3rd party perm staffing firms

Save Time

  • Eliminate future sales calls by directing them to Synchronized Solutions
  • Reduce the time spent managing agreements and signing up new staffing vendors
  • Fast access to dashboards and reports to give you a real time snapshot of spend and staffing
  • Save time by working with a single point of contact to manage your 3rd party Locums and perm

Improve Quality

  • By limiting the types of firms we work with, we can ensure a commitment to quality
  • All candidates will be thoroughly vetted and screened in detail against your specific needs
  • All opportunities receive a focused, dedicated effort to ensure exceptionally high fill ratios

Everything You Need in One Place!

  • Streamlined Locums Management
  • Single point of contact for Everything
  • Uniform Pricing, Practices and Procedures
  • ZERO Buyout Fee on Locums to Perm Conversions*
  • Internal Staffing Pool Management
  • Dedicated Job Board providing FREE perm Candidates
  • Detailed Reporting on spend, delivery & other metrics
  • Program flexibility that caters to your specific needs
  • Comprehensive staffing management portal

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